THC Remediation

Professional Remediation Services

Our innovative THC-Remediation Service is built upon a scientifically-rich team, quality manufacturing standards, and transparent reporting to take your crude or distilled hemp oils to Broad-spectrum THC-Free Distillate with an industry-leading product spec.

Our THC Remediation Process

Transparent Production Reporting

Once your batch(es) has/have been completely processed through our THC Remediation procedure, AcornCBD’s manufacturer IAH Oregon will issue you the following deliverables:

Fully Packaged and
Labeled Product
in food safe containers with traceability and product information, including product description, Batch ID, manufacturer address, license details, and allergen statement.

Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) internally generated, signed, and verified by technical staff assuring successful completion of our Quality Assurance process

Batch Processing Report indicating your mass balances, process efficiencies, and product outcomes.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent third-party testing laboratory indicating the outcomes of analytical testing: Potency, Pesticide, and Residual Solvent (additional testing upon request)

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