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Natural. Clean. Pure. With rigorous quality standards and innovative technology, we produce the highest quality THC-Free CBD and CBG oil in the market.
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THC Remediation

Our innovative THC-Remediation Service is built upon a scientifically-rich team, quality manufacturing standards, and transparent reporting to take your crude or distilled hemp oils to Broad-spectrum THC-Free Distillate with an industry-leading product specification.

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Bulk Hemp Oils

We know how difficult it is to find trustworthy hemp and CBD oils in the market, which is why we focus on traceable sourcing, quality manufacturing, and product safety testing. Each of our bulk hemp oil and concentrate products are manufactured according to robust SOPs and tested to rigorous product specifications, ensuring that our customers receive the finest of hemp-baseddd ingredients for their products.

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• Broad-Spectrum CBD and CBG Distillates
• THC-Free and THC-Compliant Oils
• Standardized Minor Cannabinoid Ratio Oils
• CBD and CBG Isolates

Our Mission

To empower our customers with unmatched hemp-based ingredients in the creation of a wellness-centered future.

From the best raw material, we make the best product.

We know that supply chain traceability is important to you and your customers, which is why our bulk hemp oil products are sourced from Department of Agriculture certified hemp that was grown using organic farming practices by qualified and licensed hemp cultivators.

Through a rigorous testing program, our products are manufactured to an industry-leading safety standard.

By using food safe practices and state-of-the-art processing and analytical equipment, AcornCBD products manufactured at our licensed hemp processing facility have qualified for release through a series of critical control points and final safety panel exit testing.

We know you have choices. AcornCBD products are manufactured with a focus on quality to make your decision easier.

Our innovative methodology and rigorous quality standards combine to produce a THC-Free product with an industry-leading specification, giving you the added confidence and comfort in the quality of our products and services when you receive our Certificate of Quality Assurance for every batch.

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